Buffalo Bill signed the black panther defensive coach for the new season main coach
Although most people think that the temporary head coach Anthony Lynn will become the main coach of Buffalo, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping but it seems that the Bill Management Group has a new option.

US Time Wednesday, Bill is announced, the team has confirmed the defensive coach of the Carolina Black Leopard Sean McDermott, McDermot will become a new head coach cheap jerseys for sale the team.

McDotmot was 42 years old, and his position in the Black Panther’s six-year defensive coordinator. The Philadelphus eagle served as the same season.

The Black Panther’s defensive ranking in the 2015 season is the 6th place, and enters a super bowl. Although the season lost a number of defensive will, their ground defense still ranks 6th place.

This time McDotmot became the main coach for the first time, and Bill appeared in the playoffs in the playoffs or in 1999, the road to McDemurt is not good.