Crowd trading gains the American Tiger defensive end Campbell
US Time Sunday, according to ESPN reporters, the Jaguchi will defensive Dragon Campbell transactions to the crow, exchange the other party five-wheel signs. According to reports, the crow is already negotiated with Campbell, which is about to sign a new 27 million US dollars, including $ 20 million security.

Campbell was the winner of cheap nfl jerseys from china Water Papent last year, and he left the Red Spits in 2017, it has been stable, but due to the age problem and the number of contracts, it is ultimately traded.

Campbell originally used a $ 1.75 million salary space, and after using the privilege label cheap jerseys for sale Yannick NGAKOUE, the Jaguo had only $ 14 million in space, and Campbell was also helpless.

Campbell has contributed 195 hugs in the Americas, wholesale nfl jerseys 31.5 times in the past three years, and forcing the ball.