Marine Biologists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (GOOD, for its acronym in English) managed to record a giant ghost jellyfish (‘Stygiomedusa gigantea’) that floated 990 meters deep in Monterey Bay, California (USA).

This is an extremely rare encounter, as this creature has been seen by MBARI experts only nine times, including this one, and only a hundred sightings are recorded worldwide. “The giant ghost jellyfish was captured for Top Site Info the first time in 1899.

Since then, scientists have only come across this animal about 100 times“, he claimed the institute, explaining that sightings are so rare because this animal generally swims in waters too deep for human or remote submarine access. It wasn’t until 60 years later that it was recognized as a new species.

The giant ghost, which is among the largest jellyfish on the planet, has been seen in the deepest parts of all the world’s oceans except the Arctic.

Its bell measures more than a meter wide, and its buccal arms are ribbon-shaped they can grow up to more than 10 meters long. Despite having little information about this animal, scientists they think that its “mouth arms”, which flow as it passes, serve to catch prey and bring them to the mouth.

Before the advent of remotely controlled submarines, scientists captured these deep-sea creatures with the help of trawls, a method that is not very suitable for jellyfish.

“These nets can be effective for studying resistant animals such as fish, crustaceans and squid, but jellyfish turn into a sticky, gelatinous substance in trawls. Cameras in MBARI’s remotely operated vehicles have enabled the researchers by MBARI study these intact animals in their natural environment“noted the biologists.

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