The newest weekend BitLife challenge, the King to Kingpin Challenge, has arrived! In this challenge, your character must become king and join an organized crime syndicate. Previous challenges such as the King Henry VIII and Red Queen challenges have also tasked players with becoming king or queen. One method of becoming part of the royal family is marrying someone who has a royal title. By the end of this guide, you will learn how to marry into the royal family in BitLife.

If you are trying to become part of a royal family and do not have God Mode, Top Site Info you have limited options.

If you are trying to complete the King to Kingpin challenge, you also need to move out of your home country and emigrate back to it. This requirement means that when you are inevitably exiled from the country you ruled, Top Site Info you will be unable to move back. Therefore, creating a character that is born into the royal family will have a much harder time completing the rest of the challenge.

An alternative option is to marry into the royal family.

To do this, age up your character until they are old enough to start dating. Navigate to the Activities tab and select Love. Go on a date, and there will be a very low chance that you will find someone who is royalty. If you are rich, famous and have high stats across the board, your chances of finding someone from the royal family will be much higher.

This isn’t just useful for becoming a king or queen. Past challenges have tasked players with marrying rich characters or other marriage-related goals.

There is also the Markle achievement awarded for marrying into the British royal family.

If you become king, you will have completed the first task of the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife. For more information about a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.

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