Ivan Masis plans to visit Seattle Hawks
Ivan Masis, who is known as the first striker of the League, has not been able to find new East after being cut by the Philadelphia eagle, and recent negotiation work in the June this year. It is estimated that Masis is expected to not. However, the situation seems to be improved, and fake oakley sunglasses the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Masis will sign consultations on Saturdays on Saturdays. It is said that Masis has been waiting to be launched with another team before departure, so the itinerary is dragging to the present. Lat Portport said that the team is unlikely to sign Masis.

Of course, this may just be Masis’s exquisite law, stimulating the Miami dolphins or New York jet can shot as soon as possible, after all, cheap oakley sunglasses china Masis’s search is really difficult. We often hear Masis “will sign up with a team”, but then the so-called popular potential products have not come true.

The basic wages of the two professional bowls were originally 5.5 million US dollars, and the eagle presented a new contract, and the salary was $ 1 million. However, Masis is not able to accept this contract, and impatient Eagle management will then ask him to queue.