2015-16 season eighth strength list
The seventh week of the game, all the teams ranked first in the previous week did not rank out, although the New York jet and the Philadelphia eagle lost the ball, but the lost team is the team, new English Patriot and Carolina Black Leopard. Another one in the first 11 is the Pittsburgh steel man in this week, but no one is not good wholesale jerseys for sale a team that is the main force of the third four-point guard, and it is very likely to return in the eighth week. And from the ranked, the steel man is still in the ranks of the outer card, so they still maintain the eighth ranking this week.

Philadelphia Eagle despite the top of the New York giant, but the giant is currently pressing the eagle of the eagle, the ranking of this week has risen two. After the Auckland raid, he ranked to the upper half of the upper area and 15th, which is expected to be a black horse that impacts the United States. The so-called exchange of handsome, the Miami Dolphin is more than two games, and the winning rate rebounded to 50%. The strength list reached the 17th, the region ranked is also forced steel people, sword finger. However, on Thursday they have to face patriots, I don’t know how much troubles they can give patriots, let us wait and see. This week, cheap jerseys online the fastest is the New Orleans Saints, in the past two weeks, Lien Finaches and pony, with 8 digits, wholesale jerseys came to 19th. Pony fell to the 20th because of Rak’s unreasonable performance.

In addition to 20 outward teams, there is no major change in addition to the sixth sub-squad leader this season. This new deputy squad leader is not the worst alliance, and more surprising is that they are the second part, and only one gap between the partition is only one gap. However, this week they lost 41 points in the first half, and more fascinating glasses, when they were behind 0:35, their total offensive codes were 0. You don’t have a mistake, wholesale jerseys online it is the number of codes! There have been more than 40 points in two games this season. This game has been replaced by the flight to the team, and after two days later, it is a few hours ago, the player who occupied the team’s main quadrant position was cut off. Said so much, everyone guessing, don’t guess, must know who I am talking about, Houston Texas! Xiaobian as a rocket fan, I don’t know what is sad and sad …

Let us take a look at the detailed list:
1. New England Patriot 6-0 (-)
2. Green Bay Package 6-0 (-)
3. Cincinnati Tiger 6-0 (-)
4. Carolina Black Leopard 6-0 (-)
5. Denver wild horse 6-0 (-)
6. Atlanta Falcon 6-1 (-)
7. New York Jet 4-2 (-)
8. Pittsburgh Steel Man 4-3 (-)
9. Arizona Red Spits 5-2 (-)
10. Minnesota Viking 4-2 (-)
11. Philadelphia Eagle 3-4 (-)
12. New York Giants 4-3 (+2)
13. St. Louis Ram 3-3 (+2)
14. Seattle Hawks 3-4 (+2)
15. Auckland raids 3-3 (+3)
16. Buffalo 3-4 (-4)
17. Miami Dolphin 3-3 (+5)
18. Washington Red Leather 3-4 (+1)
19. New Orleans Saint 3-4 (+8)
20. Indianapolis 3-4 (-7)
21. San Diego Lightning 2-5 (-4)
22. Dallas Cowboy 2-4 (-1)
23. Cleveland Brown 2-5 (-3)
24. San Francisco 49 people 2-5 (-1)
25. Chicago 2-4 (-1)
26. Tampa Bay Pirate 2-4 (-)
27. Kansas City Chief 2-5 (+3)
28. Jacksonville American Tiger 2-5 (+4)
29. Baltimore Crow 1-6 (-1)
30. Tennesi Titan 1-5 (-1)
31. Detroit Lion 1-6 (-)
32. Texas, Houston 2-5 (-7)