Carol: Wins the magic of Wilson
Seattle Hawks wins in the National Outlook Card, compared to the opponent’s missing critical shot, the head coach Pitt Carroll is more willing to break the team’s victory in the quarter Swan Wilson (Russell) The excellent performance of Wilson.

Carol said: “We have seen many times, he has this performance today, today he also completed the magical attack. When we are in trouble, he brought us out of the predicament. Winning is also his magic “In a one-end attack, the Hawks have a ball, and Wilson picks up the ball in the first time, and observes the teammates who run out, thereby completing the ball. It is this key attack, laying the foundation for the victory of the Hawks.

In the super bowl last season, Wilson encountered a copy of the championship at the last moment and gave the championship. This season, he and the Haiying have rebounded in the premiere of the season, cheap jerseys online and once again become a popularity. After defeating Minnesota, next week, their opponents will be the National Union Conventional Champion Corolina Black Leopard, and cheap nfl jerseys their goals are naturally entering a super bowl for wholesale jerseys online the third consecutive year.