[Preview] The 8th Zhou London Viking @ Brown
In the past season, the season has come to Beijing, the last London is about to start, cheap jerseys from china and Cleveland Brown will compete with Minnesota Victory in London.

In the past few London, the process of the London, lost the game suspense early. I hope this last game can make some feelings. However, every game has Brown participation, this wish is difficult to achieve.

Five adverse messages about Brown:

(1) This Sunday, their opponents were 5 wins and 2 losses of Minnesota Viking. They have also experienced the huge changes in the four-point guard, but they seem to have stable emotions;

(2) Brown did not decide the main quarter-saving. At the beginning, Det Shan Kaze seems to have stand out with the appearance of the preseason, but the performance of the top five weeks before the regular season tells you that he may be a genius, but in Brown is really unhappy; Hugh – Jackson 6 Zhou let Kaisse sit on a cold bench, but last week again. You guess him will use Kaizie or Kevin – Hogan or Cord-Kasler premium;

(3) But! Regardless of the first hair, your blind side will no longer have a protection of the best left truncation. Because of the three-headed muscles, all-star cutoff Joe-Thomas actually reimbursed in the top 100,000 sets of careers. Topjo-Thomas is a five-wheeled Spanser Drang, wholesale jerseys for sale maybe he can block Iverson-Griffin several gears, but you expect him to block Griffin’s entire four sections? Cleveland’s four-defense is still self-discovery.

(4) Miles-Galt, who appeared in an explosive situation, was suspected of shaking in the last week. If he can’t go to London, Brown can’t even find another punching hand that can give Viking offensive lines.

(5) Although the record is owed, Brown’s pavement definition is not bad. However, the anti-transmission is another thing. cheap jerseys for sale the array jet, they let Josh McCane behave like Tom Brradi, like the peak, and it is difficult to imagine that the jet’s external connections will solve Stive Digs and Adam – Shed.

It is possible to say that Brown does not have a winning, after all, there are many things that seem to be like the heavens in the season; can only say that comparison before the game, Brown does not take advantage of any aspect. To win this ball, in addition to running Duke – Johnson must use 200% of the performance of Kerry, but also pray that Viking people will generally don’t commit a big mistake. After all, one of the games in Brown last season, the opponent is the lightning of the season’s last season, and the current Viking does not seem to “open a small bad” team.

wholesale nfl jerseys online official website special commentator: Tang Xing