In today’s episode, Kapil welcomes the star cast of ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Vaani Kapoor. Kapil makes fun of the film’s title. Kapil asks Ayushmann about the production house’s expenditures for his body transformation. Kapil flirts with Vaani. Vaani asks Kapil to do Zumba with her.

Kapil sarcastically inquires if Vaani has a crush on him. Ayushmann gives an outline of the film’s plot. Kapil then welcomes the producer, Abhishek Kapoor, Top Site Info and talks about why Chandigarh was chosen over other locations.

Kiku enters as the lawyer, Top Site Info cracks a few jokes, and sets the tone for the evening. He talks about a particular scene from the trailer. He recites a funny poem, and Kapil mocks him. He complains that he is always fed a bottle gourd. Ayushmann makes fun of him. The advocate asks the trio to shake a leg with him.

Kapil displays a few photos of the trio, and read aloud a few hilarious comments that have been left alongside their photos. Ayushmann and Vaani are challenged by Kapil to touch their noses with their tongues.

Vani asks them to repeat a tongue twister.

Archana asks Ayushmann to perform a scene in which he goes to Vaani’s house to ask for her hand. In this scene, Kapil plays Vaani’s father. This act turns hilarious. Kapil asks the audience to share their stories, similar to how Ayushmann’s character fell in love with Vaani in the gym. The audience shares funny stories.

One of the members in the audience talks about his NGO and the legal adoption work they undertake.

The kids meet Ayushmann and Vaani. Pragya Kapoor also compliments them on their work.

Later, Krushna Abhishek comes in the get-up of Sheikh to entertain everyone. He cracks hilarious jokes. Kapil makes fun of the Sheikh. He converses with the fictitious horse and cracks everyone up. The Sheikh and the advocate join the cast on stage and dance with them.

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